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Some considerations on the use of photovoltaic pyranometers

In the hope that it will also affect the non-Italian speaking audience, this article is republished in English. Just returning from a course on use of pyranometer in PV. For the uninitiated, the pyranometer are instruments for measuring solar radiation on the Earth’s surface. There are three types of pyranometer… Read more »

Istallazione torre anemometrica a Frascineto (CS)

Continua la nostra opera di ricerca di siti idonei all’istallazione di impianti minieolici nel territorio calabro-lucano. In data 4 gennaio 2010 abbiamo istallato una torre anemometrica da 30 metri nel territorio di Frascineto in provincia di Cosenza. La torre e’ costituita da un palo in alluminio in 6 tronconi ancorato… Read more »

Image gallery of Montemurro’s wind farm.

I’m proud to annunce some new link on my blog. On the sidebar now you can connect to my web gallery at: Montemurro windfarm at this link you can find a photo gallery of my visit to Montemurro’s wind farm in Italy on agoust 31, 2004. Other link links to:… Read more »