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Fast link to know what we are doing!

Robot Arm – Lumezzane Project description: here! Video on first stirring of our Robot arm: here! Smallwind Turbine – Lumezzane Project description: here! Istallation description: here! Video on istallation: here! Our smallwind turbine in function: here! Pelton Project – Lumezzane Video on test of Pelton Turbine: here! Subscription update You… Read more »

Robot Arm – Lumezzane

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Update: The project files are now available on our repository on github here. Enjoy! It’s just started the new project for final graduation exam of my class V.  This time, we had to find a simple project but at the same time exciting for the students. After searching,  we came… Read more »

Some considerations on the use of photovoltaic pyranometers

In the hope that it will also affect the non-Italian speaking audience, this article is republished in English. Just returning from a course on use of pyranometer in PV. For the uninitiated, the pyranometer are instruments for measuring solar radiation on the Earth’s surface. There are three types of pyranometer… Read more »