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Primo Vagito Del Robotino

robotarm lumezzane

Primi test del nostro braccio robotico motorizzato che noni abbiamo chiamto Robotino. I servomotori (HS Servo) sono pilotati dal driver Pololu Maestro 12. [ENG] First test of our Robotino drived with Pololu Maestro 12 and 6 …


Robot Arm Lumezzane


[Update: The project files are now available on our repository on github here. Enjoy!]. It’s just started the new project for final graduation exam of my class V. This time, we had to find a simple project but at the … Read more...


Aluminium Wind Turbine

minieolico smallwind turbine

In the last years of my teaching, in order to acquire a minimum skills of useful practices to my students, I joined at teaching activity of theoretical mechanics and laboratory of technology, the realization of a practical … Read more...