My new 3D project: Reprap Ormedod 3D printer

It’s been about eight months from MakerFaire Rome in 2013 and I’ve taken a bit of “pause”. Much has happened but I just did not feel like writing. Above all there have been informal meetings on the idea of starting a FabLab in Brescia. I feel like a new project and with a little delay I take an approach for 3D printing. This project is personal.

Reprap 3D printer: Ormerod implementation
The object of desire is the Ormerod 3D printer developed by the father of Reprap project Adrian Bowyer. All files, 3D models, drawings, stl, etc. etc. can be downloaded directly from GitHub project page (here). I purchased aluminum profiles, rods, bearings, screws, nuts and many others parts that I purchased before.

For the plastic parts, I’m happy aided by ExPointStudio 3D service provider of Michele Faini, which already has a huge experience in 3D printing. He has made several 3D printers and with him we discuss every day about starting of FabLab Brescia.

First assembly of Ormerod near original RS Ormerod

For making of X axis, I decided provisionally to realize everything in poplar plywood of 8 mm thickness because laser cutting prize is too expensive (110 euros). Luckily my friend Maurizio want to play with me and offers to carry out CNC machining in school labs. For now let’s try that.


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