iBook G4 keyboard cleaning

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The keyboards of the iBook G4 is a receptacle for dirt and grime incredible, this is more evident from the fact that they are white. My keyboard was not subject cleaning from more time so I decided to give a polished. Here’s how I did.
iBook G4 keyboard

This was the initial situation:First you need to get a map of the keyboard to know where the keys were positioned just after you remove it. I took a picture.
Then, using a “punch” I forced the keys one by one hooking up each key on the side screen. For the function keys, we have to lift them from their right side.

 iBook G4 key dropping

You drop the keys with great care, and once removed you go to wash. I used tap water and a piece of kitchen paper towel.

Two keys

When finished, it repositions the buttons in the right position by pressing gently.
The result is the following:

Finished work


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